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3 Tips For Balance During Your Swing

3 Tips For Balance During Your Swing


Balance is essential in executing the right golf swing, in this article I want to give you 3 things to think about.


Posture– I cannot stress enough how important posture is in the swing but more importantly understanding what a good posture looks like and then being able to “Copy” it….. Seriously, act like the juniors and copy the guys on TV! Set yourself up in the mirror and copy your favourite player.


Steve Gannon in golf posture


Weight Transfer- real simple guys….where ever the head of the club goes so does your weight percentage! meaning as you take the club away ( over your right foot for a right handed golfer) your weight moves over the top of your right leg and as you swing through impact your weight evens out and heads on to your left side as you finish the swing. (Not if you’re a lefty!! It’s the opposite)


Stillness- I hear you all now!! Yeah right, how do you stay still in the golf swing…. good point but here me out  lol 🙂 What I am really referring to is your head position, most players with consistent swings both Professionals and amateur alike keep their head inside a “bubble” when they swing, meaning that the head does not sway up and down or lefty to right with any more vigor than momentum.

Head-movement image

Incorporating all  3  elements listed above will go along way into securing a repeatable swing, and that’s all we are really after in golf, to be able to repeat a movement over and over again- the trick is getting that movement to as high a  standard as personally possible.


head movement imageHead-movement

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