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“Practice makes Perfect” WRONG!

“Practice makes perfect’ is a saying that has been around for the ages but have you ever really thought about what it means?

As we are obviously referring to Golf, the golf swing is a series of complex human movements, so Its a pretty strong argument that it can never be perfected anyway and even if it could, the saying “Practice makes Perfect” would then suggest that to obtain perfection your practice would also have to be perfect because if your practicing the wrong thing even slightly then perfection can never be reached!  but we know that perfection in Golf is non sense so its a futile argument.


Practice makes Perfect?

I have always liked the hidden meaning in the saying though, and that’s basically that there is no substitute for repetitive hard work regardless of what your striving to achieve.

My clients throughout the years have heard a slightly different version of “Practice makes perfect” and I have many Range stories and testimonials to back up its truth, including my own!!……and its………Drum Roll please! 🙂

=======> Practice makes PERMANENT!

BOOM!!! Never a truer word said, the amount i times i see members grinding away at the range hitting ball after ball and with no real goal or purpose to what they are trying to achieve other than to ” Hit the ball better”…… so if the member just wants to get more consistent at what he is already doing then i suppose ( Although i have a good argument against) that this strategy will work but really they are just getting more consistent at performing to the same standard, as the handicap will often dictate.

Practice makes Perfect?

Practice makes Perfect?

My point for this article is to get people thinking about their Practice, if you have a couple of good swing drills provided by your PGA Professional or even a friend who knows the Golf Swing to help you with your swing and you put real time and real effort into making that a permanent subconscious part of your swing it will be far more beneficial for your performance in the long run than machine gunning balls out into the oblivion.


Enjoy your Golf, enjoy practicing to get better!



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