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Drive it LONG! in 3 simple steps

“Drive for show and Putt for dough” maybe a true enough statement but whats more impressive, or should i ask- what are your mates going to remember? That absolutely ripped drive right down the middle or a dead weight 12 footer you made for Par to keep the round going?

Don’t get me wrong both are equally as important but the question I get asked most by golfers of all levels whether we are talking about what they want out of their lesson or even buying a new driver from the Proshop is “I wanna Drive it Long”!

I’m going to give you 3 things that will really help you in adding a few extra meters to your drive.

Now before i start I want to stress that all my swing advice needs to be practiced on the range and brought to the course subconsciously, these drills and Tuition articles I write are not to be worked on in the middle of your round! lol ( sneaky tip for you)

Drive it Long in 3 simple steps

Step 1Skimming the Rock drill

I’m sure most of us at some stage have enjoyed skimming a rock across the creek or lake as a kid and if you haven’t what were you doing as a child! 🙂 Joking….Anyways, the action we use to skim the Rock is very similar to the action we use in a powerful release when unhinging through impact, check out these pics to get the idea.


Skim-Drill-2 Skim-Drill-3 Skim-Drill-4

Step 2- Introduce the Club

I want you to do the same drill as step one, but this time introduce the driver, remember right hand only swing and TAKE CARE! you are not used to swinging with one arm so make nice smooth swing and release moves to start and then build up speed.

Club-Skim-3 Club-Skim-2 Club-Skim-1

Step 3Tee it up and let it fly!

This step you don’t need Pics! don’t forget to run through the first 2 parts of the drill a number of times each.

Stand and throw 5-10 balls in the action in Step 1

Stand and Swing the Driver with your right hand only 5 – 10 times

The Hit a Drive.

Repeat this process 3- 5 times and you will gain some yards- Guaranteed!!






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