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5 ways to improve your Putting

1- Choose the correct fitting putter- Sounds like a no brainer right!  You would be surprised, most of my members and clients don’t know the length of their putter, let alone what length best suits them, and length is only part of a good fitting putter. There are different style putters that suit different strokes – face balanced, toe balanced and many other types… Cosmetic appeal is also huge! It needs to look good on the eye for you to be truly mentally comfortable.

Loft and lie is often forgotten, and this is where length of putter and stroke come into play. Then there is the grip and with big company’s like “Odyssey” now selling 60% of their putters with the Fat Super Stroke grips, grip size now is a major player. So as you can see choosing the right equipment is vital






2- Trust your equipment- Once you have successfully chosen your weapon, place total belief in it. Commit to that change and persist with it. There are many other factors contributing  to why you are not holing putts. Changing your putter as often as you change your underwear WILL NOT HELP. You have gone to a lot of effort to be fitted for the right putter, and a good quality/branded putter will set you back a few bucks these days. So putting trust and belief that you have the right weapon takes away one of the negative variables that make up our lack of belie. Remember its in your mind.




3- Analyse your stroke- you need to understand what the the face of your putter is doing throughout the stroke and then how to control it. As the Quotation below says, keep calm and learn what stroke works best for you. Whether you like to keep the face square to your target line or you like to rotate the face ” like a gate” both have merits, both are used on tour. I will always advise you to seek help from your PGA professional, but I also like to empower my clients by saying ” Jump on the green and try the different strokes!” Did one feel better than he other?? Well, go with that, then get good at it!!



4- Pre-putt routine/Visualization– VERY IMPORTANT 🙂 

Those who have done any self hypnosis, Meditation or visualization techniques  will have a huge advantage on this part of the process- Jason Day is testament to that!  It’s very important to slow and control your breathing, to slow your heart rate down. You need to stand behind the line of the putt, be 100% certain about what you are about to do, even say it to yourself! It’s not a weak prayer, or part of your wish list. Visualize the line of the putt. There are many ways you can do this, imagine a burnt line in the green or a white football pitch style line showing you the line from your ball to the Hole. Get a feel for the speed of the putt ( all done from behind the line of the putt) walk into the address position, take one last look at the hole and fire…… See how this works for you ( if you need some help with visualization or anything on this part of the article email me

ThePower-of themind



5- It is what it is– One of the biggest mistakes I see golfers of all levels make including the guys on tour is the level of trust they put into themselves and their Pre-Putt routine. Let me explain… I see guys go through all the first 4 steps I have talked about and right as they are making the putt, they have a mind change and change the line or speed or some other variable without stopping and starting again…..

TRUST YOURSELF! you cannot change the past, and there is no such thing as the future! The Future is nothing more than a projected image of what you think might happen…. So do yourself a favour and just commit, you just might hole a few more Putts 🙂 and look long and hard at the image below, It is what it is….


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