Long Drive Champ Sadlowski to make Aussie debut at the NSW Open

Jamie Sadlowski

Golf fans are in for a real treat at Stonecutters Ridge next month when two-time World Long Drive Champion Jamie Sadlowski makes his Australian professional debut at the NSW Open. Described as the longest professional golfer on the planet, Sadlowski is going to excite fans of golf not only in Western Sydney but across the […]

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4 Tips to better Drives ( Video)

So to recap those 4 tips……Tip 1—Your Ball must be inside your lead foot ( left foot for right handed Golfers)Tip 2—Create some shoulder/spin tilt away from the target to promote a shallower swing plane ( hitting up through impact)and keeping our head behind the ball.Tip 3— Transfer your weight, you must load your weight […]

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Howlong Golflink Membership- Should Clubs support it?

Join a Golf Club!

Ok so Here’s the deal.$99 Golfink Card=======> Remote Membership!They make up a small but ever increasing % of my midweek comps.Just for fun here’s a little Scenario.4 players teeing off at 8:30am at StoneCutters Ridge GC, in the Midweek Thursday CompPlayer 1— is from Pennant Hills GCPlayer 2— is from Oatlands GCPlayer 3— is from […]

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Guide to Email Marketing for the Golf Professional – Intro

Ebook Cover- Internet Marketing for the PGA Professional

The golf business is tough.  Golf competes in the entertainment market and Gen Y prospects have plenty of discretionary dollars but not a lot of discretionary time. Clubs are trying hard to attract members – joining fees are a thing of the past and membership dues are stagnant. On the good side of the equation, […]

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