4 Tips to better Drives ( Video)

So to recap those 4 tips……Tip 1—Your Ball must be inside your lead foot ( left foot for right handed Golfers)Tip 2—Create some shoulder/spin tilt away from the target to promote a shallower swing plane ( hitting up through impact)and keeping our head behind the ball.Tip 3— Transfer your weight, you must load your weight […]

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Howlong Golflink Membership- Should Clubs support it?

Join a Golf Club!

Ok so Here’s the deal.$99 Golfink Card=======> Remote Membership!They make up a small but ever increasing % of my midweek comps.Just for fun here’s a little Scenario.4 players teeing off at 8:30am at StoneCutters Ridge GC, in the Midweek Thursday CompPlayer 1— is from Pennant Hills GCPlayer 2— is from Oatlands GCPlayer 3— is from […]

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Guide to Email Marketing for the Golf Professional – Intro

Ebook Cover- Internet Marketing for the PGA Professional

The golf business is tough.  Golf competes in the entertainment market and Gen Y prospects have plenty of discretionary dollars but not a lot of discretionary time. Clubs are trying hard to attract members – joining fees are a thing of the past and membership dues are stagnant. On the good side of the equation, […]

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